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Dear Customer,

to access our platform and invest in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) as a Professional Investor, you need to declare that you have two of these three requisites:

  1. I have made more than 10 relevant transactions per quarter in the last 4 quarters;

  2. I own more than € 500.000 in liquidity or investments;

  3. I have worked for more than two years in the financial sector. 


It is mandatory to provide proof of these requirements by submitting the documents during the onboarding process.

After confirmation, you can follow this simple onboarding process:

1) Perform the Risk profile analysis (adequacy);

2) Submit the documents to demonstrate that you are a professional client;

3) Select the AIFs you desire to invest in;

4) Insert your personal details and upload ID document (KYC);

5) Confirm your identity and mobile number;

6) Respond to AML Questions (we care about your integrity);

7) Provide photo identification;

8) Sign the documents using a qualified digital signature;

9) Receive an mail with bank details for you to transfer the money you want to invest.

I Confirm that I am a Professional Investor

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