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Dear Customer,

to access our platform and invest in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) as a Qualified Investor, you are required to declare that you have a net worth of at least € 750.000 (Real Estate, Cash, Investments minus liabilities) and to be able to invest at least € 100.000 for each AIFs.

After confirmation, you can go ahead and follow this simple onboarding process:

1) Perform the Risk profile analysis (adequacy);

2) Select the AIFs you desire to invest in;

3) Insert your personal details and upload ID document (KYC);

4) Confirm your identity and mobile number;

5) Respond to AML Questions (we care about your integrity);

6) Provide photo identification;

7) Sign the documents using a qualified digital signature;

8) Receive an mail with bank details for you to transfer the money you want to invest.

I Confirm that I am a Qualified Investor

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